Life offers an infinite range of options in infinite contexts and situations. Everything is a constant evolution, an eternal change, from the leaves of a tree to the way in which people interact. I find nothing more absurd than holding on to something forever, that’s where the idea of T of N comes from.

Tale of Nothing, understanding “nothing”, as “everything”; when someone clings to ‘nothing’, has ‘everything’.

Simplifying, Tale of Nothing is an ode to liberty. You shouldn’t remove any pages in order to read others., T of N wants the possibility of reading the entire Tale.

I take this idea not only internal, as a designer, but also it could work as a social message, understanding this as something that would have an incredible relaxing effect on society. To believe that you should not judge anyone because you are (today) otherwise (politics, religion, sex, nationality, race, tastes … etc).

Nothing, understood as everything.