Hello, We are the GT Boards, a family raised with humility, love, passion, honesty and a lot of guts to welcome you with open arms as new members!
Like us, have blood and soul, the spirit of the passionate warrior who has great courage and race to face all the challenges of life, having friends rather than customers, partners rather than suppliers.

Our ideal is to expand this energy that begins in Brazil with base in the US for all continents, reaching the youth all of the world.

Our research is for the best, for the 100%. The 1st place. The podium. The top quality above anything.

The perfect SHAPE. SHAPE that was thought, designed and tested for years by someone who really knows every type of waves. For those who intensely practiced the sport. For those who knows that life is a competition, and you need to win with boldness.

GT Boards has a direct link with you, is a connecting force, because only the strong know that the world belongs to those who dare. It is for those who want to experience a journey that never was experienced before. It is not a simple act of buying and selling but the beginning of a sincere relationship with my clients. We have a motto that, “Everything in life is an exchange, all you get, you have to give away, not good to just receive.”

We are a nation. Bodyboard Nation, alive and united! Thank you and see you on the water. GT

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